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What is Autism?

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What is Autism?


Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by abnormal social interaction, communication ability, interest patterns, and behavior patterns. Autism is found to occur due to the vulnerability to environmental triggers displayed by the human genes. Seven major genes have been identified to be related to autism. One child in every thousand in the United States is found to suffer from this disorder.


Autism results from the abnormal biological and neurochemical development of the brain. Any treatment of, to the disorder must involve neurological evaluation. Autism is generally diagnosed on the basis of certain psychiatric criteria or physical tests. The symptoms of autism begin to appear before the age of three in a child. Autistic children exhibit delays in interacting with people through conversation or imaginative action.


There are a large number of cases where autistic children have improved their social skills and integrated into the normal world, attending school and taking part in social events. However, there is also the worry that autism is incurable. That’s because autism is caused by certain aspects of the brain structure that’s determined early in brain development. Only committed effort on the part of teachers and parents in training autistic children can help them to live normal lives.


Parents suspecting that their child might be suffering from autism should pay attention to any sign that may reveal the presence of the disorder. The signs of autism are best to be discovered during the child’s first year of life, in order to minimize the harm caused by the disorder. Signs of autism can sometimes be spotted from the moment of birth, the child manifesting little responsiveness to stimuli, failing to anticipate movement and paying little attention to their mothers or caretakers.


It is very important to quickly see the first signs of autism, as this disorder is known to cause serious damage to the child’s behavior, social interactions, communication skills and adaptability. Children with autism develop slower than normal children of the same age. Autistic children are also more vulnerable to some illnesses and conditions, such as allergies, respiratory insufficiency, digestive disorders and so on.


If you have any concerns about your child’s social interaction, communication ability, interest patterns, and/or behavior patterns make an appointment with your child’s pediatrician and inform him of your thoughts.  


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