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The program prior to school (6:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) and after school (3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) of Mason’s Place Too  encompasses seven pseudo—curricular areas which conform to the concepts and activities listed in the Illinois State Standards. These areas would include self-help, motor, specific rehearsal of the general school curriculum, specific and incidental rehearsal of social skills, art, music, and recreational skills. Social skills are practiced throughout the entire curriculum since they require a specific context in order to be effectual. Note that each domain is not singularly exclusive but intertwined among the other domains. The daily schedule would adhere to the following pattern.

1) After arrival, self-help skills would be emphasized. 

2) Exercises and motor activities would be practiced initially and every hour for ten minutes, or as needed, each day. 

3) The specific rehearsal or repetition of academic concepts would be generalized, rather than specific, and involve concepts of set recognition, numeral recognition, sequential numeration and printing of basic numbers. It would also involve comprehension of directions, speaking and manual signing, recognizing letters and basic words. 

4) The acquisition of social skills is a very incidental affair, and only the concepts of appropriate greetings and observation of the physical aspects of another person can be taught directly. 

5) Art activities would be presented almost exclusively during the after-school session in the afternoon.

6) Music is universally appreciated by autistic children. It can be used ambiently throughout the day to indicate changes in the routine and it would be specifically taught during the afternoon sessions. 

7) Within an after-school program, recreation is a primary concern, because kids need to defuse and release tension. Each child attending the program would be informally assessed as to the need for relaxation or specific recreation. 

All the above activities incorporate the concepts of eye-hand coordination, joint referencing, imitation, language usage, general and fine motor skills, and parallel and cooperative play. 

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